John Deere lawnmower won’t start! Easy fix. Air in fuel lines.

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When you run a tank to empty any dirt or trash that accumulated in the bottom can get into the main fuel line. This can create blockage that will prevent the fuel filter bowl from filling properly. First lets remove the hose and let some of the fuel leak out so it can expel some of that trash. See how the fuel flow slows down like that? That’s a sure sign there is air trapped in the fuel line that needs to be worked out. So first we will tip the fuel line up, wait until gas comes out, then reinstall it to the filter. I forgot my tripod so, you guys get to watch me struggle with this clamp one handed. WARNING! This next part isn’t OSHA approved, but I’ve been doing this for years. Just blow into the gas tank to try and work the air out of that fuel line. One important note, is that you slowly let the pressure off, otherwise you will get a gasoline splash to the face. See how the fuel level reaches the filter now? But we’re not done yet, I let off when I could feel air leaking out, so Ill give it one more puff while yall are watching the filter. See those air bubbles coming out? Those air pocket can get trapped in the bottom of the tank and fuel line and will give you a headache when trouble shooting. This will prevent the fuel pump from getting full suction because air can be expanded and compressed where liquids tend to retain there volume under pressure. So that’s it, there is a good troubleshooting method here too, which is to listen to your client. I usually start with the spark plug, but they told me it ran fine until that gas tank emptied and the engine shut off. That immediately made me think to check for air in the line. Thanks for watching!